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August 2016

13 responses to “Unamused”

  1. A great photo with its black and white shade. Its such a simple children’s playing merry-go-round.

  2. It seem the black and white color gave this photo the needed effects it deserved. it looks vintage and a good shot.

  3. I used to ride this when I was a kid. My childhood is so memorable because of carnival.

  4. With a colorless carnival ride no wonder it is titled as such. Theme parks should be full of life and very bright. However this one is not the case.

  5. I used to entertain myself with this as a child. It was an enjoyable thing for me. You just brought back memories.

  6. Such childhood memories spent in such parks are unforgettable. Especially when you spend them with your loved ones, you need a photo like this one for reference.

  7. Wow its an amusement park for the children. Everything about it is just amusing and te memories stays forever.

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