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Under Those Skies Of Blue

Under Those Skies Of Blue

January 2020

20 responses to “Under Those Skies Of Blue”

  1. Under the blue sky is a white building that has an hanging solar panel. Lovely picture. So clean

  2. This is definitely bluer than blue pun intended ha ha. In all seriousness though. The building seems high enough to touch the sky? What is that panel on top of it though? It looks so mysterious.

  3. I so much love white as color. The building looks so beautiful. The came settings must have been put to a perfect match for the shot.

  4. The deep blue sky is alluring and making everything beautiful. I love to stay out in a place like this. It will be comforting for me.

  5. I’m really loving the shot of the sky here. I’ve never seen it looking so vibrantly blue like that.

  6. Wow, such a dazzling shade of blue and an amazing contrast with the pure white building. This complex looks very new as if it’s out of the future. Thanks for capturing such a worthy establishment.

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