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March 2018

16 responses to “Undressed”

  1. My mom still uses these things. It can go both ways. A storage for garments and a nifty toolbox. My dad has one at our garage.

  2. Crack everywhere and extremely unkept room, I hope nobody dares pick this room as a place of stay because I feel it’s dangerous

  3. It’s what we used to use back then in my younger age. Seems like it was left unattended.

  4. Once again you have an eye for the disorderly. That dresser’s seen better days.

  5. Can one possibly undress in such a room. Everywhere looking like an animal cage with dirt and dusts. I can’t deal,

  6. I bet the former occupant was in such a hurry he or she literally pulled that drawer out from the dresser. I have that sometimes happen to me too especially when I am already running late.

  7. It’s more of an irony. The drawer where people keep their clothes for dressing is itself undressed.

  8. The window is lighting the entire room so well. It makes the whole place look so lively even though you can see it’s in a bad situation.

  9. The drawer is perfectly okay, even i’s color is still good. On the contrary the house is so dilapidated and wearing out already.

  10. The drawers don’t look bad it just a matter of putting them together but the room is not so clean

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