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Unknown Quote


“Sometimes people try to expose what’s wrong with you, because they can’t handle what’s right about you.” — Unknown

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  1. This is what is wrong with Society these days. Finger pointing mud slinging seems so easy than seeing the world for what it could and should be. I completely agree with this.

  2. People sometimes don’t give a damn about your positive attitude, they dwell on your flaws. They often see your bad side than thw good one. I hope this mentality would change.

  3. Yeah, this is just human nature I believe all the do is to try to point out the wrongs. The right ones are overlooked.

  4. People hardly appreciate the good sides of anyone.they prefer criticism and gossip. I try to have a positive mindset about others.

  5. I totally agree..some people are just jealous and will stop at nothing to make you feel bad about yourself..

  6. Whoever wrote this quote had past or had trouble at one point. It’s a real quote that occurs daily.

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