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Untitled Number Three

June 2017

30 responses to “Untitled Number Three”

  1. What an interesting piece of art! I wonder what inspired the artist to do this kind of art.

  2. It looks like something out of ancient aliens ha ha. Seriously though what is its inspiration? A god? A spirit or what? Anyway a unique creation at least.

  3. This is very unique! What has happened to this statue, looks so sad :). How long have you been standing there… lol.

  4. Wawuuu, this reminds me of an alien movie I saw, so scary. Nice lightning, looks unique. Lovely concept guy

  5. It is a fantastic piece of art! I don’t know what motivated the artist to this type of art.

  6. A head with so many thoughts, fears, challenges; that’s what I can think of straight. I will give a caption like ” Challenged but standing “. Lovely concept

  7. That art left me wandering. I don’t think its better not to give a title to it.

  8. Creepy but you can see the details even though it was made during the medieval times. I am sure the person who made this is so proud of his work.

  9. The sculpture has a lot of emotions to it. It keeps me wondering what are the thoughts of the artist.

  10. What could this be about, the artist did a good job though and you also brought it as a good shot too.

  11. This is a nice sculpture, you did a good job capturing it. A unique art, I wish I have those talented hands.

  12. What a strange statue, it looks like an arequeological piece form an ancient culture.

  13. Cool pic. Looks like a rock man doing a theater monologue! Really awesome shot.

  14. It is a fantastic piece of art! I don’t know what motivated the artist to this type of art.

  15. Is this intentinally sculptured or just a freak of nature? It is very interesting.

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