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Use Your Illusions

Use Your Illusions

January 2020

13 responses to “Use Your Illusions”

  1. Well lit place that could be used for one form of entertainment or the other. You did capture this brilliantly.

  2. I don’t know if it was planned, but I love the guy walking under the lights deep in thought. The whole shot is beautifully set with perfect contrasts and illumination.

  3. The atmosphere of the night was beautiful with the lights of the buildings and vehicles, so bright in the midnight dark. Every night has its own shadow, the light itself.

  4. Its beautiful, breathtaking and above all lovely. This is really cool and attractive. Nothing to describe this in words

  5. The different light colors make this picture interesting. I wonder what the man is thinking when you shot this.

  6. The shot with that handsome guy got me, because his walk made the shot awesome. Thanks for this picture.

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