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May 2017

17 responses to “Utopia”

  1. Greeny photo, nature is alive. I want to be in a place like this. Serene. Calm.

  2. I love ambience like this,I could just get a corner and have some quiet time. Enjoying the gift of nature.

  3. Wow! such a green and relaxing scene. Just stare at it while meditating and you have such a peaceful mental relaxation.

  4. This scene gives you peace of mind and tranquility that you don’t usually get anywhere else. Nature in itself is theraputic.

  5. I’m just mesmerized by the beauty of these green trees surrounding a lagoon. Its nature at it’s best.

  6. Nature well captured. This will be a very calm and serene environment for hide and seek game.

  7. The hills and the forest provide a good backdrop on the photo. This is a talented photographer.

  8. Everyone thinks of achieving utopia but that is impossible. For one each of us has desires which will result in differences and conflict. The only time we get to see a real UTOPIA is in death.

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