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Vintage Mansion Library


January 2016

15 responses to “Vintage Mansion Library”

  1. This is so cool. What are some of the titles of the books and can you share where this is? The town and state at least perhaps! 🙂 I LOVE exploring old libraries, so many interesting books. Your photograph captures the essence of a vintage mansion and library, as one would feel stepping into it to explore the various titles and the era of time in which this was in its heyday, so to speak.

  2. Looks Victorian to me vibe wise. I have never been fond of reading but I got to admit the architecture is cool. I always prefer it over the Roman design. It has a certain class to it.

  3. I like that the furniture in the library is old and made of wood. That gives an air of tranquility and relaxation

  4. Looks cool and calm. Love those comforting chairs. Lots of book though, how many of them have you read?

  5. There is always a feeling that comes with old libraries, you see some books you can never see in modern libraries. Wow, looks peaceful

  6. Wow..this vintage library still looks new.. The things contained in it are still in mint condition.. Great picture

  7. If a mansion doesn’t have a standard library like this, who else should have it. The picture quality is superb.

  8. This looks a classic library, I’m sure the content will be worth this place. You have a nice photo here..

  9. I like it, the library looks comfortable and beautiful! I would be happy to spend time in this place all day. 🙂

  10. This brought back memories of my high school library. It Is one library that is almost like a museum. Alot of olden days books and stuff in there.

  11. Much more dapper setting than your usual work. I love how the window is perfectly centered and the overall elegance of the shot.

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