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Waking Up Pickles

Waking Up Pickles

January 2020

15 responses to “Waking Up Pickles”

  1. I love Dogs, especially when they are well taken care of. Pickles really does look clean and well fed.

  2. Another photo session with PICKLES!!! Got to hand it to you good sir she or he looks good. A bit more chubby compared to last time but it is not a bad thing. If anything you are doing a good job in taking care of her. Keep it up!!!

  3. No one wont love well taken care of dogs. this is really lovely and the dog also posed for the camera. nice one

  4. Dogs are extremely “communicative” and intelligent, that’s one reason I cant do with owning one. Pickles post like a human. That’s lovely and the light is just perfect.

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