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Walking On The Road With My Soul In My Hand

September 2020

22 responses to “Walking On The Road With My Soul In My Hand”

  1. I’m loving the definition in your photos from the new web format. The abandoned T.V. raises the question who left it there and did they leave a peace of their soul behind..? Sweet pic.

  2. How do you even hold a soul? Kidding!!! Seriously though I guess is what we all feel when we leave something behind huh? Well that is life. Someone or something leaves but at the same time someone or something comes along as well.

  3. When nostalgia hits. I really like the vintage television on the foreground. It makes the photo in a match with the caption.

  4. I can see why the owner might have disposed off the TV. No one in their right mind would want this in their house.

  5. I guess that until the day one passes on, one’s soul (and the memories contained within it) is the only thing that will endure as everything else crumbles through the natural progression of time. There was a time that we believed that cathode-ray tube technology was the way to go, but that time has long since passed us by in a heartbeat.

    However, I prefer to hold my soul closer to my heart, than in my hand where it can be easily pried apart from me.

  6. My cousin would have loved to have this scrap. it like a habit to him,picking scrap items. but what happened to the other parts

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