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We Can Make Gold In The Garden

We Can Make Gold In The Garden

June 2019

11 responses to “We Can Make Gold In The Garden”

  1. And here I am looking for a busy bee butt poking in and out of that shot. Such a very lovely closeup of a flower!

  2. Amazing shot you got there! I love these types of photos. Close ups and flowers, they just look so elegant to me. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  3. I love flowers with very bright color. It like the help color my day because I get excited all through the day whenever I sight it.

  4. That flower is all shade of golden, I love purple colored flower. There have very rare shade and color.

  5. There is something about flowers that brings life. I can’t have enough of looking at such a beautiful flower.

  6. There’s something very alluring to a flower blossoming for the first time. Time goes still gazing at it, picture or no picture.

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