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Westminster Ladder Number 1

August 2016

25 responses to “Westminster Ladder Number 1”

  1. I love your photos Tom, I like this photo because the colors are very vivid and the view of the trees I love, plus the fire truck looks quite big.

  2. This is not in service anymore but it went out with a bang. Like an old guard who has now served its purpose and is now laid to rest. A very fundamental cycle of life I suppose.

  3. Wow, what a nice vintage-looking firetruck. I hope that it gets restored though, its a waste if it just sits in there. You took nice pictures, Tom. I love looking at them!

  4. It sure had seen better days. For all the service it had rendered, this fire truck should be retired in a museum somewhere, not getting neglected under the sun.

  5. I am wondering what the truck would be in the past. It seems like this colored vehicle has been put here after it was felt that it has no usage.

  6. Wow, this should be treated better, not the lives and properties this truck has saved. Even if it’s not working or in use again, museum should be the best place

  7. Though the truck looks old but the photo is very vivid. It gives life and glow to things that already faded.

  8. I always fire fighters, now seeing a truck lying idle here, it touches my heart. This needs to be repaired and sent to the right department

  9. It’s so strange to see a fire truck in a place like this. It´s sad to see that it was left behind.

  10. This looks like an abandoned truck. I know if repaired and put on the road, it will be productive again.

  11. This photo creates a vintage look with a touch of modern photography. The vivid color makes it like a past picture turned into present time.

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