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What is your favorite cliché?

What is your favorite cliché?

13 responses to “What is your favorite cliché?”

  1. DO NOT GIVE UP??? I know it is cliche but it is a must for everyone regardless of race or culture. It is more on the human spirit. It maybe a cliche but it is a bloody good one.

  2. The cliche “Listen everyone, but do your own” is sometimes not true. But, it is said that you should do it but there are some conditions behind it.

  3. I love animals but with cows, I have a certain respect for them, they are very pretty but I don’t have much confidence to approach them.

  4. Time and money are the most important element of everyone’s life is is my favourite cliche and i thing this is very true

  5. I feel like proposals entailing one partner bending on one knee is a nice cliché. If we’re talking verbal ones, I like “you only live once.”

  6. The horror movie made with under budget where a group of young people goes to the mountains, the phones stop working and somebody is chasing them to kill them. most of those movies have pretty much the same lines and the performance of the actors is not scary but funny.

  7. The “love always wins” cliche. Despite it being cheesy, I think it sounds very wholesome and sweet. I know that it doesn’t apply to every situation but it helps a lot of people get through tough times.

  8. To me is this: “the biggest room in the world is the room for improvement.” Because we all need to improve and grow.

  9. We help others rise by raising them. so no need being self centered let always try to uplift one another.

  10. I would say “Do unto others what you want others do unto you”. This is my view on how we as humans should treat each other, so the world can be a better place.

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