What Photography Has Taught Me About Life

Analog-SelfieCapture the moments that mean something to you.  Anything not captured, or documented, is subject to the ravages of time, and will be forgotten.  If you fail to capture the moment, that moment is as good as gone.

The Indian In The TreeLife is about the details.  In our busy lives, we often overlook things that are important.  Every once in awhile, slow down, study the details, and reprioritize to help decide what things in life really matter, and what do not.

Time Stands Still (Edit)Time is precious.  It is the one thing in life that can never be replaced.  Make the most of your life with the time you have left.  There is no going back.

Two Sinks Are Better Than One (Square Crop)Always have a back-up plan.  Countless times I’ve been faced with obstacles that not only stand in the way of my goals, but are often completely beyond my control.

Watch That First Step!Look at the world from your own point of view, but at the same time, respect others with their own views, regardless of how different theirs are compared to yours.

Moving-OutEverything changes.  Nothing in life is ever permanent, despite our best wishes or intent.  It is better to accept or embrace change than to devote our lives to preventing it.

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This is a follow-up post to the original What Writing Has Taught Me About Life.

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