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What’s The Frequency Kenneth

What's The Frequency Kenneth

July 2019

16 responses to “What’s The Frequency Kenneth”

  1. The purple and vintage look of this photo kind of reminds me of the old 60s Batman series. Very cool looking gadget!

  2. I love this photography work. This makes me remember the nursery rhyme ‘tick tack tick tack’.

  3. Looks like some form of a meter gauge. Its a nice shot that focused on the gauge specifically.

  4. I hope you explore more, I wonder what gadget is though. You color effect gave it the vintage looks.

  5. Who is Kenneth and what does he have to do with the photo? I guess we’ll never know!

  6. This photo reminds me of the equipment that was used in one war 2. You never see much of these around anymore.

  7. I Have not used this one before but I do appreciate it being there. It paved the way for the new tech that we have now. That said it makes me somewhat thankful.

  8. Could that be an instrument for checking frequency of things. Though the thing is still in a good shape but can’t seem to understand what is really is.

  9. It looks something straight out of an old spy movie. The lighting and atmosphere is just perfect.

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