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Whatsoever I’ve Feared Has Come To Life

Whatsoever I've Feared Has Come To Life

March 2020

14 responses to “Whatsoever I’ve Feared Has Come To Life”

  1. Is this a real spot? It looks drawn to me, Needless to say this looks like a set up for a scary scene out of a horror movie or a thriller. Either someone will get scared or killed. If this is a painting work good job.

  2. Whatever you throw on the river mouth will meet you on the river tail. Sounds like that to me.

  3. I really love to swim in rivers. So relaxing and perfect to be with family having a picnic beside this. Nice photo you got there.

  4. The view is really relaxing. I can’t wait to start my summer getaway after this pandemic.

  5. What changed it colour of the water? Is it the effect or the water was contaminated? This are great piece Thomas

  6. Looks like a thick tea with little creamy. Lovely picture. Sure it’s the effect that make it look this perked

  7. Wow what a view, in as much as I love the scenario and I know the relaxing effect the environment would have, I won’t be caught in the water. It sure has some current and rocks, you can easily slip.

  8. Each time I see your post, am always ready to view something pleasant to the eyes. That is for your time on your posts.

  9. This look like a drawing..its a great work of art.. absolutely splendid… Whoever drew this is a genius

  10. I feel that many people drowned in this gorge or river and that is why it is so feared, it is dry for some time but again it returned with its abundant waters.

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