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Who’s Gonna Drive You Home

February 2017

11 responses to “Who’s Gonna Drive You Home”

  1. Love this! Late snow or early snow? Some braches bare, somes leaves appear to be turning color and some appear to be green! What month was this photograph taken? Relatable to growing up in the northeast!! 🙂

    • This was taken in February of 2017. This year in particular had crazy winter weather which somehow continued well into spring. Spring and fall are my two most favorite seasons, both out of personal preference as well as for photography.

  2. This shot is so sharp and beautiful. The ambience looks cozy and weather surrounding looks very calm. Over all it really a cute shot.

  3. Capturing the atmospheric weather especially during winter can very interesting. From this shot this looks breathtaking.

  4. Great picture there! It definitely has a feel to it. Like when you’re about to go home alone but you feel rather lonely because of the quiet atmosphere and loneliness. Just wonderful!

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