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Will You Still Remember Me


December 2015

9 responses to “Will You Still Remember Me”

  1. I doubt remembering the building after been collapsed or demolished. I know after a new one must have come of the land, no one will remember the old structure again.

  2. It’s not obvious that the houses that damage will be remembered. We forget people after they die in a few days, and this is just a house.

  3. I like the title of this photo, the photo is a damaged but it serve one better why not it will still be remembered.

  4. I am very sure when this stand again, no piece of the old building will remain standing. Meaning all memory lost and a new beginning start.

  5. Well It depends on the memory, At least I see this as a metaphor? That said yes it depends on the memory. If it is good then yes if not then no!!!We can always start anew.

  6. A house that is full of memories won’t be forgotten. Even if you never see it again, it will always remain in your heart. It’s good to reminisce.

  7. It is something that has been destroyed by natural disaster. I wonder how badly the inside is.

  8. I just wonder how on earth I could remember anything here. Only the address or maybe the environment will still keep a memory

  9. Oh wow, it’s a bit sad to see how the place fell down. It makes me think that maybe someone built this place in the past with a heart full of hope and now it´s gone. That’s sad.

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