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Willey Pond

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16 responses to “Willey Pond”

  1. I love the view of ponds, it bring back a nostalgic experience. I can remember our fish pond then, it was very natural.

  2. This is such a very beautiful pond. I can almost see myself relaxing on its shores, reading a book.

  3. such a beautiful scenery. I can spend a day in this place. I just love seeing untouched nature.

  4. Wow, I really like this… it’s so beautiful! And if I have to choose, I prefer the first picture because the color gives the impression of mystery.

  5. The view offered is more than just a ‘giant pool’, but with high hills surrounding the lake. This is what makes it look attractive and beautiful!

  6. This is a large pond, can’t believe what I am seeing. Hows this possible? This is beauty. I love it

  7. This is somewhere I am dying to visit. I miss going to places that gives me peace of mind.

  8. I would like to have the privilege of knowing this charming place, where I can breathe tranquility.

  9. The surrounding shows some level of security to the property. I love it, I wish I could visit thos large pond one day and see how.large the fishes are.

  10. Oh wow!!! Nature at its finest right here. I hope this place gets preserve because it deserves to keep this majestic view. Books are good but nothing beats the real thing.

  11. Wow, beautiful simmer! When the water is calm like that it instantly gives you a euphoric sensation. Thanks for sharing.

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