HLS - The Letters Of Harvey L. Slatin

Arthur Sterling Covert
112 Front Street
Schenectady, New York 12305

December 8, 1987

Dear Herr und Frau Doktor,

Winter is arriving in Schenectady as I write, it began about an hour ago and I am writing this letter in case we here in the north are cut off from civilization.

For your information Annie, I found a gift subscription card from New York Alive in the mail that came when I was in Stamford.

For your information Harvey, the TPC.EXE will compile a program, but only if it has another file, I have forgotten it’s name, but is is unimportant.  I received another notice from Turbo and I am probably going to accept their offer, although what I will do with the disks I don’t know.

I assume you left early because when I called Stamford at two there was no answer.  I was going to tell you of road conditions to your south and east.  How did I know these conditions?  Well when I got to Grand Gorge I expected signs that said say, Schoharie Valley, Gilboa, Cobleskill, and Schenectady, instead they said Prattsville, Catskill, North, and East.  Now I had no map with me except one in my head which said Prattsville was far to the north of the line I wished to take.  At any rate I voted for east, assuming that as I moved from the wilderness I would see signs that would guide me to civilization.  Somehow I was on route 23A.  I followed it all the way to Catskill, I knew I was wring but I didn’t know how wrong.  It was very educational, through Prattsville, which I had tried to avoid, Tannersville, Hunter.  After seeing these places I withdraw any slurs I made about Stamford, it is the Rome, Paris and possibly Venice of the Catskills.  It is true they have a lot of new condos but everything else is in a state of decay beyond belief.  The route itself is so exciting I would never take it again.  I hope this is not the way you commute.  The weather however improved as I drove, the sun was shining when I reached the Thruway, although there had been enough slush on the road at the start to induce caution.

It seems to me that there were several important things I had to convey, I wonder what they were.  The snow here has paused although we have been promised several inches followed by sleet and freezing rain.


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