August 2013

12 thoughts on “Wood Road Farmhouse

  1. Looks more like an abandoned old farm house. But I believe with some renovations, it could go to the way it used to be if not better.

  2. This farmhouse looks like it was not used often. I am not sure but the paintings are still intact. This farmhouse is quite small too.

  3. This house must have been a productive farmyard years back. I love the photographic display.

  4. It still looks good to be honest. I maybe abandoned now but who is to say that it cannot be used again. As I said it is still in good condition. A bit of fixing here and there and it is good to go.

  5. The house looks like it used to be very beautiful before. Time has really worked on it to it’s current condition.

  6. I like the color of this house that stands out in the middle of nowhere, but how sad that this house is so run down, it should be in better condition to accommodate the public.

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