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Wreck Of The Day

Wreck Of The Day

March 2020

28 responses to “Wreck Of The Day”

  1. Wow, this is a great vintage picture. I love the cobweb and black and white mantra. Thanks for sharing.

  2. It is more like FROZEN to me!!! At least judging from the shot. One thing is sure though. Wreck or not it is no longer working. Considering how old it is. Going old school huh???

  3. Wow. Whatever this item might be it’s made of great material. Looking quite old but still in good shape.

  4. From the look of it, time has really worked on the item. It’s like a treasure that’s been discovered.

  5. Such old items as thess are hard to come by. To see such a photo to serve as a memorial is great.

  6. This is a piece that’s will be cherished by so many people. Old but keeps memories. I love the white and black effect, perfect for this piece

  7. Is that cub webs or ice? Cant really say. This lovely output Thomas, you always know what and when to use the black and white effect. That’s professionalism

  8. When we talk on memories. The truth remains that black and white photographs bring more memories to life.

  9. These devices could use some cleaning up. I can only imagine the amount of dust they have collected.

  10. This has to be some sort of electrical measuring instrument. I bet they have been replaced by digital ones now.

  11. Just by looking at them I can tell these instruments were phased out long ago. More modern instruments have replaced them.

  12. I think these devices are meant to work in conjuction with each other. They sure were some complex devices.

  13. I have a vintage soul and this photo captures my heart. I really love the photo effect and webs add to it. Nice shot!

  14. It sure looks like it’s beyond repair. I wonder what it was used for when it was still in good working condition.

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