HLS - The Letters Of Harvey L. Slatin

May 8, 1989

Hey, they’re, Udo!–

WE HAVE RETURNED from our whirlwind tour of the West, and we will have a message for The American People as soon as we shake the dust from our Gucci luggage.  The first recipients of this vital message will be, of course, the principal residents of Stamford, New York, who can be depended upon to post it on the IGA bulletin board, and forward a copy to Palenville.  (Saw several IGA’s around the West, all flourishing.  If the manager of your local store wants to do the go-west-young-man thing, he should be able to find a challenging position at the 24-hour convenience IGA in No Water, Arizona.)SOL STEIN’S WritePro (the clipping you enclosed): This could be the turning point for the American novel.  Locked in my file cabinet is the draft of a manuscript that once and for all will Rip Away The Mask of Hypocrisy and Lay Bare The Rotten Core!  (An understatement.)  Using material gathered at The Forbidded City, I will Tell All!  Thinking people all over this great nation have, year after year, demanded an answer to the question “What REALLY went on behind those locked gates?”

NOW they can be told!

WritePro will enable me to put the draft of this novel in publishable form, and before the year is out you will see the book itself advertised in the NY Times Book Review!  Look for

I Was An Atomic Slavegirl!
(Plaything Of The PhD’s!)

The appalling but true tale of an innocent young woman, cynically recruited for the nuclear fission program with the promise of being taught physics, chemistry and mathematics, but who was instructed only in the depths of scientific iniquity and dissolution!

Order your copy now, get the pre-publication discount!

Do you have WritePro?  Maybe we could market your book, Log Cabin To Buffer Solution, along with mine, as a Book of the Month Dual Selection.  (Two masks of hypocrisy ripped away for the price of one.)  Give it some thought.

HAVEN’T READ ANY MORE about the Bee’s Spelling Bee.  They may have heard that Thomas plans to enter, and they got cold feet or coal feet.  Will forward all clippings.

Fred C. Dobbs

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