What things do you enjoy most in your life?

20 thoughts on “Writing Prompt Number 100

  1. I guess I enjoy simple things like spending some time alone at home, taking care of my plants, traveling, spending time with my boyfriend, and investigating cool stuff.

  2. My family, every moment spent at home is.like an eternity. COVID has really opened my eyes to that.

  3. I always like to have some money coming into my wallet through the online earning ways. Also, I love helping people and satisfying them.

  4. Being with people. Sure it can be annoying at times but it always beats solitude. I enjoy and it is part of my life goals. A very good question man. Thanks!!!

  5. Been with my loved ones, I really appreciate that alot. Also my growth on the net, it’s really encouraging

  6. Coffee in the morning, playing basketball and football and listening to epic 90s tunes are high on my list. Watching the sunrise or the sunset is pretty majestic as well.

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