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Writing Prompt Number 101


Is there anything you, ‘just know’ and have no explainable or rational way to explain how you know it?

10 responses to “Writing Prompt Number 101”

  1. Yes, somethings are just common sense to me. I didn’t have to check them up or even read about them. I just know them.

  2. Yes most of the I have hard time explaining things that I know. That’s why I never dreamed of becoming a teacher because I am very poor in explaining things.

  3. I am usually good at getting my point across, It is not perfect though as they say at times you just cannot explain things.

  4. Yes, sometimes i find myself doing things that I myself wonder how i came about to know them. Its like they are hidden in my unconscious mind.

  5. Yes, there are few things that is really hard to explain. You just need to understand and let it be.

  6. I know somethings which most times I don’t know how it came about but I’m glad I always know though

  7. Absolutely, It happens me in some sittuations when I just know that the things are like I’m thinking.

  8. Yes. Great question. I know that people’s life forces go on after they die. I have many reasons to believe this, but no actual concrete evidence. It’s just something I feel in my soul.

  9. yes, I have them. I know in myself I must do or must not do but I hardly tell them to other people because they might not believe me even if i know its true.

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