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Writing Prompt Number 103


What Lo-Fi or non-electronic / old-school things from the past do you still enjoy?

15 responses to “Writing Prompt Number 103”

  1. For me, lo-fi is new to me, because when it was booming I was not yet born, I like the music of the 60-70-80 because my father listens to it, I was curious to know what it was, and they are Very coarse electronic music sounds, which are imperfectly pleasanta

  2. I would have still enjoyed old school things if there were still here. I know I used to enjoy any invention I could afford then, so yes is my answer.

  3. I still keep a diary. It’s old school, but I like to write things I did for a period of time and remember it in the future.

  4. I’m a book lover since I was a child. Even though there are e-books now, I would still prefer hard copies.

  5. I still do my daily diary or journal everyday to reduce my worries and anxieties and books take me places where I have never been. Missin’ the old times.

  6. So funny, my bucket list. I write each day and make sure I get 80% done before bed time.

  7. Atimes I go to my old stuffs and put on my secondary school uniform, don’t worry it still size me. Also makes sound with my mouth when there is thunder lightening.

  8. Well, I believe I can still enjoyed them though I think it will be better to focus on new things now.

  9. Reading classics, collecting stuff and playing parcheese. I don’t see the needto choose between past and present if we can have the best of both worlds.

  10. I really like collecting vintage tees. They’re old but valuable even celebrities wear them.

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