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Writing Prompt Number 115


How long have you gone without something necessary to your survival (food, shelter, water, sleep, or clothing)?

29 responses to “Writing Prompt Number 115”

  1. I honestly think that there were never a chance. I always bring water with me everywhere and always.

  2. The most I’ve gone without sleep was a day. I don’t want to experience something like that ever again.

  3. Sleep? A few days. Although It bit me back by giving me a nasty migraine which put me out of commission. I have insomnia you see which means at some point I get very little to no sleep at all.I am now trying to cure it. Wish me luck.

  4. The most I’ve abandoned rest was 3 days. I would prefer not to encounter something to that effect until the end of time.

  5. I’ve gone for one day without sleeping because I was working. I really needed as much cash as I could make.

  6. Well, food I can do without for a whole day but water, I cant do without for 3hrs. Maybe that’s why I cant sleep 4hrs straight without a break in transmission

  7. Once when I was in school I abandoned rest and sleep to study for my exams. I almost had a blackout.

  8. I went without sleep for just 2 days and I tell you, I was looking like a man that’s drunk. Everyone that saw me knew something was wrong. Thanks to supplement used.

  9. There was a time I used to stay in a remote and desert area. I had to go for weeks without taking a bath.

  10. An interesting question, especially in these times, I think that nothing is forever and that food and water are the most necessary and the first thing that runs out, I have seen people experiencing needs for lack of food.w

  11. That was 4 days straight. Only ate 3 biscuits. We got stranded when typhoon Yolanda hit Tacloban and everything was washed out.

  12. Being unable to sleep for weeks due to insomnia is really hard. I cannot rest nor shut my eyes due to insomnia and constant stress. I really do not want to experience it again.

  13. I personally can’t do without the essential things for survival. Water and food are things I can’t do without.

  14. I think a day is my longest that I can go without any basic necessities but after that I think I’m going to faint or worse. Everybody needs at least water and food to survive properly.

  15. Well, I had a lack of sleep for one month, working in the night and studying in the morning.. I was sleepin 2 hours some days other days nothing at all. I was very skinny and at the end I was having micro sleep episodes.

  16. I mostly stay without water and food on days that I’m fasting maybe 3 days can’t stay beyond that though.

  17. There’s a time I had to go without sleep for like three days. Suffice to nsay it was a nightmare.

  18. Luckily for me I haven’t had to go through any such hardship. I am very grateful for that and don’t take it for granted.

  19. The only thing I would be scared to live without is water. Most of the others are manageable.

  20. Never in my life I was in a situation for survival, no food to eat, no shelter to rest, no water to drink nor no clothes to wear. Blessed that I may have been in a lot of bad situations before but God always provides.

  21. I have never been is a situation that forced me into survival. I guess I am one of the lucky few.

  22. Unfortunately, survival is a reality that a lot of people in the world still have to live with on a daily basis. My heart goes out to anyone suffering out there.

  23. I don’t think I could go for more than a few days without food and water. Shelter and clothing I can do without.

  24. This one time I went for close to four days without sleep. I felt like a zombie haha.

  25. I try my best not to be in such a predicament. I would never wish it upon anyone either.

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