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Writing Prompt Number 121


What are your beliefs in regards to cosmetic or plastic surgery?

18 responses to “Writing Prompt Number 121”

  1. I think plastic surgery is a blessing for people who have suffered damage to their bodies, it’s a way to bring them hope.

  2. Plastic surgery as a fashion, I dont like it. But If if it’s used to repair a fault, I will appreciate it. So many people misusing this

  3. Plastic surgery is a blessing of biological science, I feel. But, unnecessarily having it on the body parts is not good.

  4. It is fine as long as it is not OVERDONE. Especially if you are on TV then this is a must as long as for a good reason, At the end of the day we must learn to be satisfied. As the saying goes if the simple way is suffice then why upgrade.

  5. Cosmetic or surgery really gaining more popularity. Most does just to entice opposite sex or create a killing figure

  6. Why not I’m not against it at all but let it be properly done and up to taste. I will appreciate it

  7. I think everyone should have the freedom to do what they want with their body. That being said though, it’s good not to be too vain and accept some of our imperfections. The au naturel look is pretty sexy.

  8. I don’t have a problem with plastic surgery. As long as the person doing it is fine with it all is well.

  9. I support plastic or cosmetic surgery only in cases of accidents. Otherwise I wouldn’t support it.

  10. What I don’t like about plastic surgery is how expensive it is. It is only accessible by the elite.

  11. Like everything, cosmetic surgery is only good when done in moderation. Some people take it way too far.

  12. I personally don’t like bleaching or plastic surgery of a thing. So I will definitely discourage people from doing it.

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