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Writing Prompt Number 131

Describe a relationship you have with a person, animal, place, or thing.

11 responses to “Writing Prompt Number 131”

  1. My relationship with my children is the most cherished relationship I have. From the womb to grave relationship, the journey itself is incomparable.

  2. I will talk about my cat; rozy. so lovely, love sleeping in my sheet, and love eating with me. Will cry seriously if I loose it.

  3. I used to have cats..two actually.. I loved them and we had a very good relationship .I felt really bad when they died

  4. The best relationship is with my dad. He raised me alone and I will not let anything hurt my dad.

  5. I have a very special relationship with my grand mother. Since I was a little girl she has been like an angel in my life. Now I see her like a child, who needs affection and help, and I wish I could be even closer to help her.

  6. My one and only relationship I enjoyed is with my family. But I loves my wife’s company to the core. Your post are always friendly Tom.

  7. I enjoy my relationship with these things differently. But I enjoy it more with a person, who happens to be my sister. She is more than enough for me.

  8. I am not a mom yet but when I become one, no doubt my relationship with my kids will mean so much to me. As it should be as it is one of the wonderful things of being a woman.

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