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Writing Prompt Number 132


Define the genre of your writing.  Is it fiction, non-fiction, journalism, science fiction, a combination of more than one, or none of these at all?  Describe your genre in as much detail as possible.  Feel free to create your own genre.

25 responses to “Writing Prompt Number 132”

  1. Am a mathematical writer but not limited to that.I can comfortable do fictions writings. At one point, I almost did away with the mathematical or say educative writings to dwell on fictions ones.

  2. Àm an IT person, my genre in literature include historical fiction, satire, zombie romantic comedies (zom-rom-com), and so on. Dont say am weird

  3. My genre of writing writing is non fiction..I love writing the biography of great people because I want people to learn from them just like I learn from them..I also love writing my autobiography although its not out yet..but generally, I write non fictions because I always want people to connect to those heroes

  4. Non fiction, romance and science fiction. Love technology and always love to write about it. This world is turning to a Computerised system

  5. I write more of non-fiction because it helps me to write on a lot of topics that are limitless. I express myself better with non-fiction topics.

  6. I expound more on non-fiction of the fact that it encourages me to compose on a ton of points that are boundless. I communicate better with true to life themes.

  7. I think it’s very imporrtant to have clear what genre to write about, and even take the chance to create a new on as you suggest.

  8. Mine is on fiction and romance. I just like to tell all the stories in my head. Create imaginations and bring life to it and makes it so real too.

  9. Good activity for finding your audience and understanding your niche with writing. I like that their is room for overlap and innovation. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I think it’s very important to have a clearly defined genre when writing. Failing to do so is like a boat sailing with no destination.

  11. I like writing about real world events so I guess I can say my genre is non fiction. Sometimes I also do a bit of journalistic writing.

  12. I think I am one of those people without a defined genre. I write about anything that sparks my interest.

  13. The most innovative thing a writer can do is create their own genre. That is what I call pioneering!

  14. This is very sound advice for any writer out there. You must always be fully aware of what you are writing about.

  15. As an aspiring writer I must say this advice is very true. Knowing and understanding your genre is absolutely vital.

  16. If I were to describe my writing I would say it falls under fiction. I love writing short anecdotes with a moral message.

  17. Most writers have more than one genre they write about. Being dynamic is always a plus when writing.

  18. I would say fiction. In this kind of writing it makes you put your imagination to work and you can create whatever you want.

  19. Having a detailed understanding of the genre they write about is absolutely necessary for all budding writers. If I was ever to write I would definitely delve into science fiction.

  20. If I have to sum up my writing or at least my hobby that would be an OPINION PIECE? I like it because it has less restrictions and rules to follow compared to normal writing. It depends on my mood too.

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