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Writing Prompt Number 135

What modern technologies were designed to make life easier, instead waste too much of your time?

9 responses to “Writing Prompt Number 135”

  1. There are many modern technologies that people use today and end up wasting most of their time. For example, the internet is quite vital but can lead to time wastage. When you begin being too social, you will end up wasting time on non-productive activities online.

  2. The internet it has helped saved my time when I need to get some tasks done but can also be time wasting if network is slow.

  3. I wonder what i could do without my phone. From reading my emails to Goggling to using it as a calculator. the list is endless.

  4. Sometimes car GPSs take forever to compute and if it’s on your phone you’ll eat up a lot of data. My dad also has a universal T.V. remote that’s supposed to make life easier, but instead wastes an obscene amount of time just to turn on.

  5. The phone is really a time waster. I know it helps in different ways but one can be on the phone for hours doing very silly things just for the fun of it.

  6. The smartphone I think is the technology that helps make our lives easier. However, it wasted much of our time if we are too attached with such gadget.

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