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Writing Prompt Number 23

If you invented a device that could fix one problem you are facing right now, would you use it? What problem would you like to solve?

11 responses to “Writing Prompt Number 23”

  1. That would be the ELYSIUM medical bay. Think about that thing can pretty much cure if not at least slow down any disease or defect known to man. I really believe it could really help make our lives better and longer.

  2. I think I want a device that will help me be confident with myself or a confident booster device. This device will not only help me find a good job but it will also help me in dealing with other people.

  3. I think a device that can help cure disease or a device that can generate algorithm for medicines.

  4. It will be a device for providing money without even asking. Right now I really need money to take care of my needs that are really urgent now.

  5. I need a device that will put me at rest. I’m becoming very restless and I know the only solution will be a good rest

  6. I like all the medical cure devices people posted, especially due to COVID. If it were anything else for me, it would probably be some kind of transportation device, where I could snap my fingers and appear anywhere. It would save a lot of time and be extremely efficient.

  7. Sleep problems, that’s what I’d like to solve, I’d like to be able to sleep like a baby no matter what’s in my mind.

  8. I like to invent a device that could help in cleaning/purifying air that surround us. Especially that mostly viruses are airborne. It will help us a lot easier if we have a clean air to breath. Safer for kids and elders.

  9. I would like to solve my money problems and lose the fear of risk, the long-awaited financial freedom is a challenge for me right now.

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