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Writing Prompt Number 3

Name a totally useless possession and how you came to acquire it.

13 responses to “Writing Prompt Number 3”

  1. It should be my vcd now, it is totally useless to me now not with all the cheap cables we have in place now. It has made my vcd totally useless now.

  2. Thats going to be my grandfather’s 1957 Mercedes 300SL, abandoned with no hope of able to run again.
    I just kept it there, just to memories

  3. For me, those shoes that I rarely use. I now realize that buying a lot of pair of branded shoes is not necessary. One is enough.

  4. I have this guilty habit of buying books impulsively. While not totally useless, I now have more books on standby than books I actually read. And I will still do it, given I’m accidentally set loose in an old bookshop.

  5. Clothing are just it for me. I buy another or stockings and briefs that I end up not wearing and I wonder why I buy them in the first place.

  6. The best I can come up with are my new head phones that break constantly and I have to reconfigure them. Not totally useless, but definitely frustrating when the ear muff flies off and I have to put it back together.

  7. I believe that no such thing is useless just under utilized? In my case that would be digital products. I guess you can call them useless if they turn up to be scams. I have experience it before.

  8. Hmmm, I have 2 silver gold bracelets and never wear them at all, because I myself never wear a wristwatch let alone wear a bracelet. With the current value of the gold currency, it is worth selling :). But it doesn’t seem wise to sell a gift from someone, so I just keep it.

  9. Well, at a certain time when digital cameras were booming, a man happened to sell cameras supposedly a digital camera, he confused me and sold me a mp4 that so far I remember and makes me angry.

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