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Writing Prompt Number 39

Name one thing you have always been good at doing.

22 responses to “Writing Prompt Number 39”

  1. I am always proud to say that I am really good at making friends. I can easily adapt, some say I am versatile.

  2. I guess that would be understanding others. I know it is not physical or a tangible thing thing but I guess I am proud of it? Physically though, I guess that would be me being opinionated? Does that count?

  3. So many people around me, both family and friends, will always look for me and tell about all the problems they are facing personally. So I think I’ve always been good at being a good listener.

  4. I can adjuged myself to be good in a lot of things but the outstanding one for me is decorating. I can mold gold out of wood.

  5. I’m always been good at giving advice, many fu¿riends and family memebers ask for my opinion when they are dealing with something.

  6. I’ve picked up a lot of skills in my life, but the earliest one I can remember is illustration. I would draw monsters, funny characters and comic strips that I would share with my classmates. I’ve saved a bunch of them and always feel nostalgic skimming through them.

  7. I’m good at extending my patience to other person but not on myself. I easily get irritated if I didn’t get the job right.

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