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Writing Prompt Number 40

What is your favorite season, and why?

13 responses to “Writing Prompt Number 40”

  1. Any cold weather is my favourite, I just love coldness. Heat weather always making my skin funny.

  2. My favourite season is spring. It is not too cold like winter or too hot like summer. Also, autumn is when leaves die. In spring, everything comes alive and it is rather calm rather than filled with tropical storms.

  3. Oh boy, we only have two seasons where I’m from. It’s a tossup between the 2. Summer is too hot, and the rainy season is too wet. But if I really have to choose, I’d choose the rainy season. At least, the days and nights aren’t so unbearably hot, and it’s a really good reason to always have a hot cup of coffee to warm up.

  4. Since my country only have two seasons. I got to say Summer. Sure not saying that having rain is bad no. It is just that summer can make movement easier. I love to see a snow though. We do not have that here.

  5. My favourite season would be the cold season because you could be out or in and not sweat. You could carry out lot of activities during the cold weather without feeling the heat.

  6. I love favourable weathers. When cold, it should be moderate and when hot, it should be moderate too. Thanks for this post.

  7. I really would like to experience winter. The snow, the wind, the coldness and blizzard. This is what I really would like to feel.

  8. Summer is my favourite season because the sunlight brings me hope and inner happiness. The fact that I can play sports, go for walks and broaden my social circle is a bonus.

  9. My favorite season is spring because I feel a very strong connection with nature and flowers beautify any place.

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