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Writing Prompt Number 48

What is your favorite cliché?

26 responses to “Writing Prompt Number 48”

  1. Not every one you see moving or living is actually living. It’s a very deep one for me.

  2. Whatever you find yourself doing, do it with all your mind. This makes every little thing I do perfect. Making it look like it’s the last.

  3. No man is an ISLAND. Cliche yes but so true regardless of status or race. Even the best needs and relies on someone.

  4. Back when I was younger, I used the “It was a dark and stormy night” phrase in my high school essays. Some would argue that it’s been overused to death, though, but given that it used to rain a lot in past years, here in Malaysia, I couldn’t help but use it.

    These days, however, my personal catchphrase is “Ammo grants dominance over Life’s Arena,” where “ammo” can be either money, knowledge, and / or other resources. It’s true, in a way, because it’s far easier to survive Life’s trials when you’re well-equipped with a long-range weapon, as opposed to a pair of trench knives.

    Of course, perhaps I enjoy my sci-fi a wee bit too much, sometimes.

    *grins slightly…*

  5. Be good to people you meet on your way up because you might need their help on your way down.people should know this

  6. i think romantic comedy films are cliche. But the world seems to be fond of it. so yeah, Rom-Com films are the most cliche 😛

  7. The 2 important days in life is the day you were born and day you find out why. I hate steorotypes and I cliche.

  8. My favorite cliche is to what purpose I am here for on here. It has been a wonder until I had known for myself my true purpose.

  9. Coffee, jazz and cigarettes. I think their union is one of the best clichés on the planet.

  10. My favorite cliche is ‘the grass is always greener on the other side.’ I have heard it so many times.

  11. I have so many good ones it’s difficult to pick one. But I’d say Love is Blind is my favorite one.

  12. Personally I don’t like cliches too much. However, it can be difficult to avoid them at times.

  13. All that glitters is not gold. The phrase has been used so many times that it has lost its meaning haha.

  14. I can’t think of any at the moment. However I do like the ones I see in the comments hahaha!

  15. “And they lived happily ever after” is mine. I can’t count the number of times I have heard it.

  16. Coming to think of it, a lot of everyday phrases are cliches. This is mostly due to how frequently they are used or misused.

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