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Writing Prompt Number 54

What effect does music have on you?

25 responses to “Writing Prompt Number 54”

  1. Depends on my mood. I am dominantly an anime girl so needless to say Anime music has been part of my life. It never fails to lift my spirits up on a bad day.

  2. Music is medicinal to me. It inspire, boost my energy and recharge my mood. Music is life to me. It helps keep me alive.

  3. It depends on the situation..their are time I’m at my all time low and I listen to songs that will lift my spirit and their are times i just wanna cry because of a bad patch I’m going through..I listen to sad songs to let out my emotions..

  4. music brings a soothing spirit to my already damaged soul. it keeps me going through out a moody.

  5. Music for me is relaxing and sometimes depending on the type of the music exciting and entertaining. Its what I listen to when I want to sleep or even jut be happy.

  6. Music to me means celebrating and being happy with my friends. It brings always a time to bond with them.

  7. This certainly depends on the genre of music that I heard at that time. This will really help me be more focused, improve my mood and even calm my heart. But of course I prefer to sing (karaoke) than just listening to music.

  8. When I’m bored, music bring up my mood. That’s what music is to me. Something that brings me back to life.

  9. Unfortunately not all music is awesome. However, the type of music I like lights a spark in me and invigorates me.

  10. Music always changes my mood. Whenever I am grumpy, angry, sad or broken hearted, I always turn the music on especially thos funky and jolly one and my mood changes along with its grove. Music is life.

  11. I know not all of you would love rock music, but I love it. I also listen to songs of mellow genre.

  12. Music makes me nostalgic if it reminds me of certain periods of my life. It also gives me drive for exercises or social events. I think music is the ultimate artistic medium because of the emotion it brings out in everyone.

  13. It generally affects my mood. When I listen to slow music like instrumental, it makes me very calm. If I listen to fast and upbeat songs, I work faster.

  14. To me music tends to go with my mood. If i am in a bad mood some smooth jazz will do the trick but when i am hyped i tend to listen to hip hop and dance around alone.

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