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Writing Prompt Number 57

Have you ever carved your name or initials into a tree or stone?

22 responses to “Writing Prompt Number 57”

  1. I haven’t done that before Tom. Now that I have heard about it, am gonna do it to see the outcome.

  2. Yes ofcourse, I have calved my nickname on the wall in my grade school when leaving. Just that to leave a mark behind. It’s a memory lane Thomas

  3. Not even my thing. I once had the opportunity to inscribe on a tree after a camping activity but I wast chanced. I wish I did that day.

  4. No yet, but now you mademe want to do it. It’s nice when someone else whatchs it and wonders who is that person.

  5. No… great idea! Awesome way to leave your mark and feel nostalgic every time you pass it. If you’re a couple it might be fun to carve both your initials.

  6. This is a very interesting question. Now that I think about it, I don’t remember ever doing such a thing haha

  7. This is one of those things that everyone did as a kid. If you didn’t do it then you didn’t have a fun childhood!

  8. What a great philosophical question. We should all live in a way that will make us be remembered. Just like how carving your name in stone makes you immortal in a way.

  9. I have carved artistic shapes into stones and trees before but never my name. I think doing something artistic has more of an impact.

  10. NO but I have seen others do it!!! I do not like it to be honest because for one it ruins the surface of whatever it is written on. Well stones perhaps can be an exception but others no!!! If you write in walls that is vandalism if you ask me or a tree for that matter.

  11. I have done in in trees before when i was young, but not now. But i do it when I go hiking to just a remembrance but just a small one.

  12. I have never carved my name into a tree or stone in all of my life. Is there any meaning to it anyway?

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