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Writing Prompt Number 60

Where is a great place to get breakfast?

11 responses to “Writing Prompt Number 60”

  1. I like a nice coffee place for breakfast. I catch up and connect with friends while getting breakfast.

  2. I would love to have a picnic breakfast one day. That way I can connect with nature as I kickstart the day!

  3. I always like my home made breakfast because I will know if I’m taking the needed calories and nutrients to last me for the day.

  4. A homecooked meal would suffice. I never ate much at breakfast though. Still eggs, bread and coffee would be nice.

  5. East or west home is best. Plus there is the extra comfort of having breakfast in bed or in your pj’s.

  6. There is a local saying that says “There isn’t any other place other than Home”. Who doesn’t feel great when at home?

  7. Personally i don’t like getting breakfast outside because of 2 reasons. Firstly it’s risky i may get stomach upsets the rest of the day and secondly its cheaper.

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