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Writing Prompt Number 62

What is the best method of travel, and in what ways have you traveled?

9 responses to “Writing Prompt Number 62”

  1. The best method of travel in my opinion is go with a family bus or a bus with full of friends. Although, as I have not ever travelled by plane I would like to include it too. Both of them are my favorites because the former one is due to the entertainment I will get, and the latter one is due to the first experience of a plane.

  2. This can be very subjective but I wanna try an AIRPLANE THOUGH. I never rode that type . It is expensive but that is on my bucket list. Flying is a dream of mine.

  3. I haven’t traveled by any means except for bus and motorcycle. For me, the best travel are those are not planned. It’s exciting and full of adventures.

  4. Best way of travelling is by water because is very chilling and cool. Best for cruising but funny enough I haven’t been on one than just 5mins.

  5. I have only traveled on land, car and bicycle. Hoping one day soon I will experience the air which I considered as the best and fastest

  6. I enjoy motorcycling ride travel. It can avoid the traffic and you can stop whenever there is an awesome view on the way.

  7. I prefer to travel by plane, however, there are times that I have to take the bus because the place where I have to go doesn´t have that service. I don´t have a car ’cause I don´t know how to drive, it scares me a bit.

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