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Writing Prompt Number 72

If you had only one wish, what would you wish for?

22 responses to “Writing Prompt Number 72”

  1. I wish for peace to reign supreme on earth. Let Late Micheal Jackson let the world be a better place for everyone

  2. A wish to become a millionaire. I’m in dire need of money for a project I want to complete. I need. a job now

  3. If I am gonna make a wish today that would be To be in a place where I could belong I guess. To be honest this is subjective. A million people would mean a million answers. But yeah as of now that is it.

  4. I wish the world of today to be as planned by his grace. I wish there is oneness in love we practice today. Nothing is good but joy.

  5. This world will be as God planned. I cant wait to see it happen. I wish us all happy life and success.

  6. I would wish that I live up to my expectations as a human-being, whether that means pursuing my career, intimate relationships or the legacy I live behind. When I err, it’s always pivotal for me to get back on track and remain spirited towards my goals.

  7. My wish would be to have a million more wishes. I don’t know if that would be accepted though haha

  8. The Writing Prompt number seems interesting. I especially like the keyframe that tries to capture snapshots of memories. That can be very endearing.

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