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Writing Prompt Number 73

If you could tell the world just one thing, what would you say?

13 responses to “Writing Prompt Number 73”

  1. I wanna tell the world to be kinder to one another. This pandemic is really very hard to everyone and I hope everyone will help each other.

  2. I will tell them to speak up and dont allow any leader fool us. We are more powerful than all leaders because we elected them into power.

  3. If I could tell the world one thing it would be “Think for yourself and stop being lazy.” I hope that with that statement, more people can come to the realization that they are responsible for most things in their lives and that they need to stop allowing the media, institutions, and such to sway their minds with the latest news that may not even be accurate in the end. That should just be the beginning as they start to carve out actual meaning in life rather than just being apart of the herd.

  4. I would tell the world to always be understanding towards people. As we all are going through many different journeys where a lot are probably suffering, it only takes understanding to make the pain a little more bearable. for people who are under such troubles now.

  5. BE HUMAN??? Seriously because it seems that with time this concept means less and less and that makes me sad. For example SEX is suppose to be a grown up thing but now even kids entertains it. I understand that later on everyone has to handle it but come on 10 11 years old taking about relationships? That shows you how things even off limits stuff are normalize now.

  6. I would preach the gospel of love. I am talking about sincere love, we humans need to have the ability to love unconditionally, to be able to take another persons pain as yours and to be willing to help, to assist in love.

  7. The solution would tell the world that if we have fears, let’s fight against that inner self that makes us cowards, stopping procrastination and winning is the best option.

  8. Never judge or undermine someone’s pain. We all experience it differently and we all have different challenges.

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