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Writing Prompt Number 76


Have you ever gone skinny dipping?

15 responses to “Writing Prompt Number 76”

  1. No I haven’t just yet for lack of a private area to do so. It is however on my bucket list.

  2. I have never gone skinny dipping. Would love to try it though but with just myself. I would like to do it privately rather with the company of other people.

  3. Personally I have not skinny dipped before, but when we were young my brothers used to do it. Seemed fun though to them.

  4. Actualy, I don’t know what does skinny dipping means. Maybe I have done it, who knows but I wouldn’t know cause I haven’t heard that expression before.

  5. I have never done this, where i am from this is grounds for arrest. But i usually see it in movies and it really looks really fun i hope ill get to do it one day.

  6. My mom would not allow us to do it, and even for my brothers. She was afraid someone might injure themselves down the river.

  7. I see alot of this in movies and I wish I could actually try it out. Unfortunately I have never done that.

  8. I have never gone on skinny dipping though I wouldn’t have minded to try. It will be such fun doing that

  9. Yes specially during summer and if I am on the beach. At least there I have a pass much less a reason to do so lol.

  10. Nope. It’s still on my to do list. I think it would be the most fun at night. Hopefully, the water’s not too cold though… Haha.

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