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Writing Prompt Number 8

When was your last food craving, and what did you crave?

21 responses to “Writing Prompt Number 8”

  1. Since I am now cooped at home for 3 months and counting thanks to the quarantine. i gotta say I miss eating restaurant level food. Meats to be precise but that is okay. Missing it is a small price to pay than Safety. Stay home, stay safe everyone.

  2. I am craving for mexican foods. Haven’t been in a restaurant for months now . I terribly miss dining in and meeting up with friends. I wish that this pandemic will be over soon.

  3. I don’t remember when I had food cravings. I love all foods so there are no specific foods I crave for.

  4. This pandemic has really draw this back for me. The fun and joy of being at the restaurant is in me. I wish this go off soon and let’s enjoy yourself again.

  5. Working outside the city 5 days a week makes me crave for some city foods. Some foods that are offered in a rural area are good but some of it are not that good.

  6. Well, not food but snacks and 2 months ago I bought 50 chocolate bars online. I really like chocolate and now I plan to order it again for the next 2 months supply.

  7. I’ve been craving these veggie raps from this dairy restaurant I used to go to the last few weeks. Sadly, since COVID, a lot of choices from their menu have been removed. Hoping these veggie raps will have a resurgence one day!

  8. I had it this morning, was craving some chocolate tea early morning had to quickly get into the stores to get one

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