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Writing Prompt Number 82


What is the most valuable item or largest sum of money you have ever found?

17 responses to “Writing Prompt Number 82”

  1. 5000 PHP. I know it is quiet small but considering that I just found it without doing anything it was huge. I used it to pay some debts before.

  2. Money found I don’t think I have in my life time. But I know I should I will definitely give it back to the owner. So nothing for now.

  3. I don’t remember..I’m not lucky in that regard though..the highest I think I found was less that two dollars…

  4. Maybe just some few naria notes I think I saw that while sweeping the church during a sanitation day. it wasn’t much though.

  5. When I was little I just found around a dollar somewhere on the field. As of then that was a lot of money, and I was so excited about it.

  6. I found my first ring that a dear friend of mine had given me a couple of years back and it got lost. It was one of the happiest moments of my life, back then.

  7. Hmmm… maybe I haven’t been so lucky to “find” anything for free, because usually I have to work hard to get valuables or a large amount of money that I want. But I have been given 2 pieces of white gold hand bracelet from my boss, but I haven’t worn it until now because of its large size 🙂 from the size of my wrist.

  8. The largest amount I was lucky to get was $5 note. I had nothing in my pocket, it was my lucky day.

  9. I have ever found Jewelry worth a fortune on one of the airports bathroom sinks. I suppose a passenger in transit may have forgotten them.

  10. I haven’t found a large amount of money because I always work for it. The highest salary I had was 21000 pesos for just a month. When my regular work and my online job paid me at the same time but sad to say, that online job is closed.

  11. For me the most valuable thing I found is a diary. I didn’t want to read it but I want to return it.

  12. I’m not lucky enough to just stumble upon money or something. If I ever have, I can’t remember.

  13. I once found a really rare spider that I feel like it would have been worth something. I was too scared to come close to it though.

  14. I found and heirloom of my grandmother. It was her necklace and it looked expensive. I don’t know how much it would be worth though.

  15. Unfortunately for me i am not among the lucky guys in the world. I have never found anything of great value highest was 100 shillings or rather 1 us buck.

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