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Writing Prompt Number 84


Growing up, what career goals or dreams of accomplishments did you have? Did any of them come to be, how many did you abandon or revise along the way?

11 responses to “Writing Prompt Number 84”

  1. The second question suited to me very much in the sense that I was dreaming of becoming an SP of the district, when I was child. I was inspired of it due to one of the TV shows I see at that time. But, as I grew up, my dreams got revised and shift towards data science, web developing, etc.

  2. A scientist but as I grew up it shifted into something smaller, something simpler. This is what I realized as we grow up our priority changes. The only question is did we choose right or wrong???

  3. Ahh, this is a big one man. I intended to be an engineer while going us but now I found myself teaching though doing so many things to change the story eventually.

  4. All of my achievements now are not planned. All my dreams never came true but I am so thankful for whatever I have now came from my hard work.

  5. Most of all I have are just case of opportunities just came by, not actually planned for. Here, we mostly just go by what come our ways man….that’s the way it is

  6. I really wanted to become a teacher/educator back when I was in pre-teens. Now, I am paving my way to becoming a fitness and wellness ambassador, teaching people about the importance of it.

  7. You just brought back memories. I wanted to be a lawyer but I had to drop that when I couldn’t cope the tedious tasks involved

  8. This is what am still battling with here. Even when one decide to study a fast growing course. You still end up getting a substandard offer. It really dropped my expectations and belittled one.

  9. I’m happy to say, every career ambition I’ve had in my life I have continued to pursue with the exception of one. I wanted to be a comic book illustrator, an actor, humanitarian activist, writer and a scientist. Science was never my strong suit in school, so I abandoned that one quickly, but I have published a graphic novel, in the works of illustrating one, have had tidbit acting roles and am a field manager for a fundraising company. I hope many people take on their greatest interests as it is a healthy recipe for meaning and fulfillment.

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