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Writing Prompt Number 86


Describe an odd or unusual writing habit or ritual you or someone you know has.

10 responses to “Writing Prompt Number 86”

  1. Whenever I am thinking deeply, I just let my hands do the writing. I am not sure how to describe it but it feels like my mind is going blank but my hands is doing everything.

  2. Writing down things of the mind is personal. I do my writings in my own ways as time dictates that.

  3. I usually watch something first just to get my mind fired up. I do not know if this qualifies but I just do this. Though I still experience Mental block but it helps me overcome that easier.

  4. I like to listen to music to get in the right mood before writing, my favorite types for the purpose are rock, gregorian and classical music

  5. Sometimes I have the queer way of penning down my thoughts. I try more when I’m overwhelm with emotions to let the steam out of me.

  6. My ritual is writing while listening to my favorite music. It helps me coordinate well and give my best write ups

  7. I sometimes like to write down tasks in code. For instance, when I want to tell myself to cut down on coffee, I’ll write “ease off coff drops.” For some reason it makes seemingly mundane reminders cooler with more kick.

  8. I remember taking jotter to everywhere doing my internship just to note important things down. It really helped me.

  9. Funny, writing a good will message on my currency before spending it. Atimes the money comes back to me. It’s a bad abit I know

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