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Writing Prompt Number 9

Who was your first crush and what made them special?

5 responses to “Writing Prompt Number 9”

  1. My first crush was my grade 7 classmate. I don’t know what made him special. I just love looking at him.

  2. My first crush was my primary school colleague.. I was just enamored by her…she was kinda cute though

  3. My first crush is named Christian. He is special for me because he is so kind and sweet to me.

  4. My first crush was my classmate in kindergarten named Arthur. Alas, I forgot to ask his surname. I think I maybe saw him again during college, but most probably he just shared his name. I still think about it from time to time, because they looked very similar.

  5. My crush was this little girl we shared a desk back in elementary school. I always remember her till now.

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