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Writing Prompt Number 94


How long have you been able to live off the grid? No e-mail, Internet, electricity, running water, etc.

14 responses to “Writing Prompt Number 94”

  1. A day at most. Simply these are necessities now and not just luxuries. Case and point in the digital age internet is vital as suppose to back then.

  2. Half a day lol but seriously I can’t just do without these essential things. It really a comforting things for man not having even for a day could turn a disaster.

  3. Sometimes, I live without electricity for a month or two…I’m always connected to the internet though…Government does not give us water..we provide water ourselves

  4. I can go at least 2 days to 4 days maximum because these things are necessity not necessary luxuries. So just few days I’m done.

  5. Wow, a very interesting question … :). I certainly can live without the internet but not without water or electricity. Water is the most important thing I need in my life.

  6. I cant say I have lived off the grid completely. I don’t believe i can live without the basic necessity of running water because i simply love showers hot or cold.

  7. A week! I was in a village for a project and we would use paraffin and a pen and a paper. I had not bathed for the whole week.

  8. I can live with it everyday of my life as long as it has an ecstatic view from the mountain top. I like nature. It always helps me relax and and find my inner peace.

  9. Well, I remember last year when our water supply is under construction, so our whole community doesn’t have water for a day. It’s really hard if the water supply is gone.

  10. I went visiting my grandpa for a week. Where he lives there is no electricity, running water or reliable internet. The only thing that kept me going is that my grandpa is very innovative and a great story teller, so I was not that much bored.

  11. Just a few hours I think. This happened when we went hiking with my cousins. The trek itself lasted an hour and then we bathe at the river and the water falls that we passed by. Then after that we went hoe trekking on a different route. It was a whole day activity.

  12. Personally i have never lived without any of the listed items for more than 48 hours. And at this point in my life i don’t think i can make it.

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