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Writing Prompt Number 95


What is your favorite chess piece?

14 responses to “Writing Prompt Number 95”

  1. I do not play chess sorry ha ha. If I were to choose I would say the KING or QUEEN. Not because of function but because to me they represent the next generation.

  2. I don’t play chess so I might not have a better option. But as a man I will definitely go for the king.

  3. I love the queen,she is the most powerful and other pieces need to be developed well before fighting the queen.

  4. Hmmm, my favorite piece in chess is definitely the queen … But I won’t be so easy to let my pawn be removed. Because they all have the opportunity to be promoted to queens 🙂

  5. Definitely has to be the Queen being that its hands down the most powerful piece in the game. I also love the fact that its movements are not restricted as opposed to the other pieces.

  6. I would rather sacrifice my knight for a bishop. I like the moves by a bishop and I do fully utilize them.

  7. I love watching chess as a game though I have never played it. It seems a little bit technical and requires some training to understand the moves.

  8. I like the knight. It moves in an unconventional way and if you are very good at moving it it could trap whatever higher opponent.

  9. To me i like the queen as my favorite piece. This is because the piece has freedom to move in any direction in any amount of spaces the player wishes.

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